The Last Week

It’s hard to believe that it’s already less than a week until I will be boarding a plane back to the U.S. I don’t know if I can say the semester has flown by because I have been able to do so much in this time that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. I have gotten to know some amazing people and I am still in awe at the beauty of Italy whenever I walk down the streets of Perugia.

I finished classes over a week ago and already had many presentations and my Italian final. This week, I have two more finals to go. Other than that, I will just be enjoying Italy for my last days of the semester. We have some more “roomie dinners” planned as we so fondly call them. It’s a weird eating week because we’re basically just trying to eat everything we have left, and it doesn’t all mix well together! The weather has gotten beautiful and some days have even felt like summer. We sat on the steps in the main piazza one day and when I closed my eyes – it really did seem like summer with the sun shining down.

This week will be full of many tasks! Here a are a few of them:

1. Laundry. Not so exciting but really, who wants to bring back smelly clothes in an overstuffed suitcase? Especially when said laundry will have to be wrapped around breakable items being brought back? I would really like to avoid this: “Oh Susanna, this is a nice gift…but why does it smell like feet?”
2. Eat the rest of my food. I still have varieties of pasta, cans of tuna, peanuts, and many more random things to eat. I have a feeling this week will test my creative cooking ability.
3. Finish finals. Again, not the most interesting, but necessary. Overall though I have really enjoyed my classes this semester.
4. Pack. Ummm yeah… about that. So let’s play a little math game. Let’s say my suitcases were full when I arrived in Italy (and they were). Let’s say that my essentials which I will be bringing back to the U.S. is the number 5 (random number, but I will make the point I swear). Then the stuff I won’t be bringing back is the number 1. The capacity of my suitcases is 6. Therefore, my essentials (5) + expendables (1) = capacity (6). So… let’s say the amount of things I bought here is the number 2. 5+2 can still equal 6, right? Right??
5. Take pictures of the “usual places.” I have a feeling that some of the places I see everyday are what I would most like to remember.
6. Saying goodbye. To my roommates and friends, apartment, Umbra staff and professors, favorite Perugia spots, restaurants, and much more. But luckily I still have plenty of memories to hold on to.
7. Flying back to the U.S. It is a 10 hour flight (oh the joys) – I just hope the flight won’t be as hot as the one to Italy! Especially considering I will still be wrapped up like it’s winter time, except it won’t be winter anymore. We’re leaving at 4 AM from Perugia on a bus to the airport (Umbra set it up), so you can imagine the sleep I (won’t) be getting the night before. I think I will try to sleep on the plane or else my parents might wonder if a zombie returned from Italy instead of their child.
8. Saying hello. To my family, friends, and life back in the United States!

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  1. Lauren Kroll

    I haven’t written to you in awhile niece because it’s been a bit crazy here back in the States as you know. I just want to wish you good times during your final days in Italy and wish you a safe journey home. Mallory and I look forward to seeing you at her graduation party May 18th. Though I haven’t received a formal RSVP from your family, I am sure you four will be there. Hugs till then. Love, Aunt Lauren

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